Devices are easy to operate

They serve their clients with the highest quality products at competitive prices while offering superior product training and customer care as well. You can get in touch with them at 800. And these kits detect upto 6 drugs. Secure 4. Oral Fluid Lab Send - In 5. The product details are as follows 1. Oralert 6 Panel 6. Oralert 11 - 6 Panel The feature and benefits of these kits are as followed 1. More information about each of tehse products and their prices can be found at. Instant and fast results 3. Oral Cube 11 Panel 4.html About Oral Diagnostics Origin Diagnostics, LLC.) March 11, 2013 - LED STREET LIGHT SLRZ Manufacturers Origin Diagnostics is online entity that sells instant drug testing kits. Oral Cube 6 panel 3., headquartered in Southern California, is a leading developer and distributor of rapid test devices that include drug and alcohol testing. With their ongoing effect of launching innovative products they have currently launched a different set of oral drug testing products. Easy to use procedure 6. In total they have launched 6 oral drug testing products. Non-invasive and Donor friendly 5. Oral Diagnostic provides all inclusive instant drug kits 2. Their devices are easy to operate, convenient to store and deliver results in minutes.